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BioAssay Technician for Tampere laboratory


We are looking for a motivated and enthusiastic BioAssay Technician to work with our BioAssay team in Tampere. This role mainly includes hands-on laboratory testing, performance analysis, and reporting on Biomensio mass resonator technology.

Key roles and major responsibilities:

• Participate in our Tampere assay development team, which is responsible for adapting various biochemical assays to our own biosensor platform

• Performs testing of microfluidic devices with various biological samples

• Performs sensor functionalization (coating) with a spotter

• Perform laboratory tests, including working with buffer solutions, dilution series, immunochemical assays

• Responsibility for rolling out laboratory matters, such as reagent orders, maintenance and servicing of laboratory equipment

Other responsibilities

• Data processing with Excel, Biomensio’s own data analysis software and reporting with Microsoft Office programs

• Participation in laboratory, team and project meetings

• Working according to the quality system

We expect the candidate to:

• You may have a degree in, for example, biochemistry or chemistry, or, for example, a degree in laboratory analyst and 3+ years of practical work experience in the field

• Profound understanding of immunochemical assay -principles (such as ELISA) is useful in transferring this type of assay to our technology platform

• Understanding of the principles of operation of laboratory equipment with fluidics (e.g chromatography or SPR)

• Good attitude to practical work in a laboratory environment: you like practical work and want to promote it to the best of your ability

• You are not afraid to work on prototypes of measuring devices and take a screwdriver in your hand if necessary

• However, you also tolerate routine work well and are result-oriented

• Open mind and desire to learn new things outside the wet laboratory, such as practical testing of sensors and participation in equipment assembly are possible

• Understanding of some Finnish may be beneficial, but not required. All the reports and documentation in the company are done in English.

In connection with the employment relationship:

• The position is located in Hervanta, Tampere, and the employment relationship is valid for the time being. Practical work tasks in Tampere laboratory are central and the opportunities for remote working are therefore limited.

• The position is permanent and full time with 37.5 hours per week working time

• A trial period of 6 months is applied

• Wage will be negotiated based on applicant’s experience and education and current level in bio and laboratory fields in Finland

For more information contact Kirsi Tamminen, kirsi.tamminen@biomensio.com or +358 41 3134086

Interested? Send your application ASAP but no later than 21.10. to: careers@biomensio.com

The interviews will be conducted continuously and the position will be filled when a suitable candidate is chosen.

Company introduction

Biomensio is an innovative Tampere-based biotechnology company that develops scalable and robust mass resonator-based technology that makes it possible to measure multiple analytes from a sample on site in minutes.