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Reinforcements in Biomensio

March 15, 2019

Our team of high-level experts received important reinforcements in March when Laurent Tanguy and Jane Besong-Ndika joined Biomensio. Their versatile experience adds considerably to Biomensio’s expertise in the fields of bioassay development and microfluidic solutions.

 “In addition to commendable scientific merits, Laurent and Jane bring us their valuable industry experience in the productization of biotechnology solutions.,” Antti Sinisalo, CEO, comments.

Dr. Laurent Tanguy has been appointed as the Bioassay Development Manager in Biomensio. He has impressive experience in microfluidics and in the development on the most challenging automated microfluidic solutions, like synthetizing radiopharmaceutical compounds with a microfluidic chip for clinical medical imagery.

Dr. Besong-Ndika joined Biomensio as a Bioassay Developer strengthening the R&D team with her expertise in the development of visual and reader-based immuno-chromatographic assays for point-of-care diagnostics from In Vitro Diagnostic industry. She has a dual PhD in Biotechnology and Biochemistry with specialization within viral nanotechnology and protein immobilization.

 “Joining a team that has been working for more than three years on a technology requires a lot of time and investment from the new employees as well as from the existing team to have a good and broad overview. Thanks to a good hands-on orientation, we have been able to integrate rapidly and take an active role in the project, even though we still have a lot to learn,” Laurent Tanguy reflects.

Juha Mäkinen from Biomensio’s assay development team has been an important link in integrating the new forces to the team.

“I have been well pleased, at times even surprised, how quickly Jane and Laurent have adapted to the team,”says Juha Mäkinen. “A breath of fresh air and new ideas are always welcome in an innovative company like Biomensio, and that role, too, Jane and Laurent have already fulfilled wonderfully,” Juha praises.

Everyone in Biomensio is fully convinced that these reinforcements to our team are a major step towards Biomensio reaching its full potential in the growing point-of-need diagnostics business with the projected first product launch in the very near future.