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Experienced Team

Our outstanding expertise ensures a highly competitive edge in biosensor development, design and manufacturing.

Our multidisciplinary team has deep industry experience from microelectronics design and manufacturing, biosensors microfluidics, assay chemistry, and system integration. We have the right skills to integrate systems for specific use-case scenarios of our OEM customers. In the development phase, Biomensios’s PhD level experts provide unique integration solutions in combining fluidics and chemistry. Our own experts work in close cooperation with our supplier network, the industry’s leading companies both in design and manufacturing.

Harri Leinonen, MSc, CEO

Harri has over 30 years of multi-cultural experience in international management, business development and sales. Master of Science in Economics.

+358 400 720532


Sanna Auer, PhD, CSO, Co-Founder

Sanna has 20 years of experience in bio-sensing. Sanna is expert in surface chemistry, immunoassays and protein chemistry including antibody-based biosensing especially in non-labelled systems. She holds PhD in biotechnology, focus on biosensor technologies and MSc in Biochemistry with focus on protein engineering.

+358 44 976 8629


Anna Spehar, PhD, Head of Products, Co-Founder

Anna has strong experience on bioanalytical microsystems and biosensors from working on novel bioassay transduction enhancement methods, development of implantable and wearable biosensors for improved training of elite athletes in UK as well as on development of portable device for multiplex detection of warfare pathogens. Her PhD focused on lab-on-a-chip technologies.

+358 44 238 0971


Juha Mäkinen, Bioassay Specialist

Juha has several years of experience in biosensor industry. He has supported the research, development, and design of the Biomensio’s measurement system. More closely, Juha has provided input into the demanding development process of bioassays that are performed mainly in complex matrices. He is MSc in Biochemistry specialized in Cell and Tissue Technology.


Tommi Åman, Bioassay Technician

Tommi is a multitalented professional with a passion for biotechnology and signal processing. His expertise is exceptionally useful when biological principles need to be transferred from the laboratory into code. Tommi’s state-of-the-art knowledge is acquired from his studies where he majors in Biotechnology with a minor in Signal Processing and IT.