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Screening antibiotic residues in bovine milk

Case study: screening antibiotic residues in bovine milk

Biomensio has developed a fully digital, mobile biosensing platform consisting of a multianalyte fluidic cartridge connected to mass sensitive microarray (MSMA) biosensor  and a handheld prototype reader operated by embedded software. The platform is designed for on-site testing: the user needs to load liquid sample into the cartridge and push it into a handheld reader, which then runs the assay. Results are displayed on screen and can be instantaneously sent to cloud. Due to high multiplexing capacity of MSMA biosensor over 30 analytes can be measured from the same sample.

Smart multianalyte handheld detection for Bioanalytics

Biomensio mobile diagnostics platform consists of a fully digital handheld reader, multianalyte fluid cartridges, and a cloud-based analytics service powered by professional services team. DXaaS provides an easier access for OEM partners to develop bioanalysis products and services.

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